by Scrupulous

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Scrupulous' second studio album, a whopping 80 minutes of music!


released February 14, 2013

All songs written and performed by Jane Joyce and Shane Sittig
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered February and March 2012 at Mind's Eye Digital by Larry Elyea



all rights reserved


Scrupulous Phoenix, Arizona

Jane Joyce thrashes slaps taps and all out assaults the bass while singing, screaming, and walloping melodies rhythms and leads

Shane Sittig pounds the drums with relentless accuracy and complexity whilst singing like an 80s rock god

Mixing up the genres and moods Scrupulous is an Alternative Rock, Avante Garde, Experimental 2 piece that jams grunge, punk, jazz, hip hop, pop, metal, and more
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Track Name: The Blossoming
Never were the words you said, they spoke to me on lips I read from a freight train… Leaving you. All those times I turned around you spoke to me without a sound and you said… I love you. The blossoming within my life rescinds until this broken heart within me mends. Once again the day begins, I do some work and see some friends but still I… I feel alone. I guess I need a change of pace, a potent drug and a good street race to make me feel… more alive. The blossoming within my life rescinds as I numb the pain to ease my life again. The blossoming within my mind rescinds, clouded thoughts impairing my reason. I must be for all to see now. So I let it be known, as I lay here now exposed. I wait patiently, the moment’s getting close. So I let it be known, as I lay here now exposed. My guts to the world. I am NOW REBORN! This plague of pain within my life rescinds as I find the key within my soul and transcend. As the blossoming with my life begins, I claim what’s mine as I conquer all limits. The way that you try to mislead me: lying, deceiving to bleed me, all of the lines that you feed me; convinced to follow you freely. If I turn my back I will not look back, forget all this crap cause I know where my future's at. Those that bought and sold me, tore and stitched my clothing, oh how they adore me, can’t get past this loathing. As I find myself I remind myself life is not a game but I’ll play it just the same. Don’t waste my time with games I’ll spend it on better things, I’m thankful for all of my days but only half all lines are straight. I never did the things you told me, irked and cause for you to scold me. Mind of my own, must warm this heart that’s cold. Dealing with all this frustration leading to my aggravation. Shall I fall to your temptation? No, no, cause… You cannot stop this blossoming. Time will tend my needs, just stay up on my feet. No I can’t retreat or suffer from self defeat. Those who want to pinch a mile not an inch if I give it just the same I’ll be the one to bear the pain.
Track Name: Default on the Mortgage
Late again, such a sin, can't pretend; lost another job am fucking broke and fucking struggling. They don't care; want their share, so unfair; taxes doubling while equity falls to liquidity. Who owns this land? Not The Man, not Uncle Sam; signed it to the Fed to give the banks the upper hand. Complicate, no tax break, increase my rate, I think this country's fate is questionable when so many homes are being foreclosed, and where we go now, nobody knows... Rent I suppose. Time is on my side, it's time to shed fear... Out in the clear they control us: All of the leaders that lead us. They lie and deceive us to bleed us. With shackles of debts to bereave us: The "Shepherds" that shear us to wear us. So where is the note and deed of trust? The chain of title is defunct... but there is no remedy after foreclosure... On the door there's a notice... Says I must vacate the premise... Pool 10,000 notes into a bond to sell as a SPV security. Then sell full price with servicing rights, before the ink dries, to a foreign country. Sever ties and reap the prize as our housing markets destabilize. Deny loan mods and cut the "loss", credit default swaps and derivatives: incentive to foreclose and take the homes... Accelerate the loans, no curing the notes. Hedge bets in your favor, then propagate mass failure. Injunctions not allowed, due process thrown out. Been told to shortsale, HUD taxpayer money availed. Destroy my neighbor's equity and pay IRS deficiency. Doesn't sound that good to me... Everyone is trained so well: work real hard to pay the bills. They tell you to throw in the towel, put your head back in the trough. Question not their saving grace. Questioning is not your place. Recession will soon ensue. Forgive them not; they know what they do. As the pressure builds, this balloon fills - stretched, until it bursts: raining down a worldwide curse. The pain is real: this shame I feel: to lose my home and I am not alone, and so I am staying strong I've tried so hard, I've done no wrong. I hold my head high dignified as I fight it's fight or flight. No I don't want to retreat so even as I face defeat I stand tall, back against the wall. No I don't have to concede I'm fighting for what I believe. Against the wall, I stand tall. And this is how I claim my blossoming. Watch me as I claim my blossoming. You cannot stop this blossoming. Is this the American Dream? Wake up to reality. What scene am I witnessing? Funnel wealth to the oligarchy. So is this the American Dream? Wake up, stop sleep walking. Usurped by domestic enemies, break the chains of new world slavery, stopping greed, you and me: we are the shiny keys to unlocking equality, cause those at the top, hoard the spot, let us rot, no care for our lot in lives yet they value our work product. They act in stealth, subversive self, their road to wealth is paved with the sorrows and pains and pangs of our planet's siblings. Their lies allowed, appeal to the crowd, bailed out, our "protectors" so devout: an oasis enclosed by drought. Coercive means, shatter our knees, bind our feet so that we can't proceed to be free... What will you be? Occupy all streets. I want to be free from your lien. I want to be free from your lien so I can keep my property, cause my life is mine and I have a right to stay alive and that includes shelter through the night without paying such a hefty price: working thirty years of my life: to pay a threefold interest in disguise. Real Property collateralized. Moving on, I'm staying strong, trying to stay positive. Though this shocks me and upsets me I must find a new way to live. Avoid debt it's freedom's threat, embracing this new perspective. Though you beat me it don't defeat me. Is that the best you got? I want to know. Who runs this show?
Track Name: The Departure: Taking Flight
I'll no longer waste my time on you. I've got better things to do. How long must I wait while you take a break? My mistake, I thought that you were capable of change… But your attitude of gratitude won’t bring you latitude when everything you say is downright rude. Tooting your horn and showing your suit plus all your verbal refuse is freshly crude... I don't wanna hear another word that you puke! I must move on... Planting all your beliefs, I must move on... Spreading like a disease, I must move on... Wanting me to concede, I must move on... Dealing with the bad seeds has made me strong I'm ready to find out where I belong. I leave it to rest for now I have said my peace, I leave it to rest for now I can finally breathe. Though you have left a mark, I must depart. Wishing you the best as I make a fresh start. Now I think I‘ll just move along. Thought we had something great: an unusual bond… wrong! And this is how I claim my blossoming. Watch me as I claim my blossoming. You cannot stop this blossoming. No one to hold me back now I am free to fly. Although I love you, I can no longer try. Why don’t you simply think it through? I have no incentive to return to you. Cause your attitude has yet to bloom and needs renewed and everything you say is skewed with "truth." Soothing bloated ego and wasting your use, plus all this verbal refuse is far past shrewd... I don't wanna hear another word that you spew! I must move on... You operate with deceit, I must move on... Escape your wicked treachery, I must move on... The life you live is fantasy, I must move on... Dealing with the bad seeds has made me strong; I'm ready to find out where I belong. Life is just a matter of perception; I cannot hold a grudge because you get it wrong... I leave it to rest for now, it is past deceased. I leave it to rest for now; I’m shooting for the breeze.
Track Name: Crash Landing
We ride or die, arrive on time; you know we blow your mind. So damn couth, we speak the truth, yeah we let it loose. A dash a hop splashed with shock, this is real punk rock. The beats are wicked so we better see your feet start kicking. Hey, wait, I got a new complaint: I need, some way, to numb my pain. This world, today, is fucking so insane. I need, to close my mind before you speak again. Let's win the race, no second place, we gotta top this cake. The sweetest taste is in the ways I pursue my happiness. Relinquish judgments, show compassion, and be patient. I found the secrets of the one star locked within my heart. Although, we must face, our fears, we must keep our head's clear. Stand tall, in confidence, no pride, and detached from caring. Free of, needless desires, I can, transcend this flesh. Still my, mistakes and failures, become shadows in my shimmering. Hey, wait, I got a new complaint: the words, you say, make me so irate. You play, these games, you're fucking so insane. I need, to run away before you come again. This world is me, I am it; damn, I'm the shit. In love with it, I see myself in every stranger's face. Here's a bone: a single tone, my Philosopher's stone: The Center Sun's right hand, can't you see the light strands? Although we must embrace, our pains, it just aint easy. Help me, heal my wounds, and scars, I can't stop bleeding. I shall, attain bliss, ideals, while my heart's still beating. Before, it's too late, the quintessence is competing. Back and forth, just set a course, head for the shore. Side to side, a bumpy ride, so you better hold on for dear life. Find the tree, pick its fruit and drink its juice. Inside you, dormant, lies the fountain of youth. Hey, wait, I got a new complaint: I am the only one to blame. I know that I'm fucking so insane. Cause I think that we're all one and the same... Someone help me I'm lost in the sea. Dove right in but now I'm in too deep.
Track Name: Nautilus
Won't you rescue me? I'm drowning in the sea... I am starting my journey cause I believe in my ability to search the waters for that hidden beast, the unknown monster who keeps making ships his feast, soon it will be deceased our victory. Our adventure begins what will it bring? I got a compass and a chart of the stars, I got a sextant and intent to go far. We'll take our craft and maps and travel the seas, salty air, the sails catch the breeze and we'll take a ride around the seven seas. Set a course, 20,000 leagues. The albatrosses are coming for me. cast overboard will I swim or sink? The rudder's stuck I cannot face the waves, I send an S.O.S. to mayday... I don't want my fate to be a watery grave. I swallow my pride, Orion's fallen on his side, and we'll take a ride to wherever we please. Set a course, 20,000 leagues. The albatrosses are coming for me. Face down a fathom deep. All of my life I've been waiting for you... Now here you are, come to my rescue. In the storm I thought the end was surely close. Capsized and baptized, barely staying afloat. In the sea, alive on debris, my mirror reflecting light helped you locate me. My will to live and to own my destiny, brought me face to face with my highest me.
Track Name: Self Fulfilling Perception
My mind has a lens that filters and pretends the shadows turn to light and logic's left me long ago. A first glance unto me, impressions to cut my teeth, subjected cynically in a world in which I pull the strings. And I've framed my world yesterday. What's said is said, the mold unchanged, sealed in fate. Now I seek a truth that forgoes any proof. This burden sits with you, the price to wage for being right. Reason is never wise. Dissention is just a vice and still I hold the view. It feels so safe when walls can't fall. I draw a line that brings me decay, here I'll stay. I fear in time that I'll change, what a waste. I see no virtue in today, it's not the same. Accepting flaws would tell me that all of my perfect ways deceived. All of my perfect ways can't make you me. All that I want, need, ask, shapes you to an image of me. All that I can, shaping you to be afraid just like me.
Track Name: Charlatan Rising
You're creasing in pieces; I'll save you and treat this. I'll turn the tide of winter rain to summer spring and bloom. Hold me tightly, close your wounds, feeding time is coming soon. You're pacing and nervous, I'll plead you my purpose to cure your inner woes and help distill your ill lament. Trust in me, my only rule, your good faith is my crown jewel. What were you before I granted ways to make you feel complete? Always they will hunt the hunted, that's what makes you prey to me. Vultures, yes we are so clearly, circling at your retreat. Pain and suffer, make me hunger, surrender and I'll set you free. Are you seeking for advice? I'll bring the bait and lure. Treating symptoms over time but it never seems to cure, and it's all because I need you, more than you need me. I'll keep rising, so long as you let me. Trapped in a vice, sent to snare with words of hope and prosper. Poison the well and invite one to come and the drink the water. Snakes in the grass wait to strike the hands that want to feed them. When sirens speak, don't be haste and walk into a prison.
Track Name: Lamenting
All of my life I've been waiting for someone to call mine, searching for a sign but I am blind wanting a better life but still everyday things are getting tougher trying to understand why do we suffer? To all you broken hearted... We all feel your pain... It's okay to cry... We all bleed and die... Struggling with pain and pride and sin, can I win? Is this all trite? I think we need the darkness in order to see the light. So I'm trying to hold it together despite this pressure. Now wondering if this is why we suffer? You have the answer but you won't share... And I saw you standing there all alone without a care and the world can be such a lonely place: blowing cold winds in your face. The rat race sets the pace to disgrace, but don't give chase. Cause we all... We all feel life's pain. We all are doomed to face life's fate. We all shall see our fateful day. There is no, there is no escape. We all shall see our fateful day when the world goes gray it's too late. I don't want to die, I want to live my life.
Track Name: Princess
When I met you, a fire grew. Overwhelmed, we moved to soon. Underneath the full moon, I could not detach my sights, from your charming eyes. I felt so alive. You misled me and my heart. Your words, a supple art. When I met you I got used. And where I go from here? No answers seem to appear. My self-esteem is shot. My heart's blood clot. When I met you I gave it up to soon. And where you go from here? What questions to ask isn't clear. I was impressed and tried to impress. Hoping to find a lover's caress. Let it go. And where we go from here? No questions nor answers appear. And I was exposed to your STD, but luckily I had the vaccine. I'm feeling used but I don't know if it's true. I am a fool for you. Wound tight, cut loose.
Track Name: Vigor
What a gift it is to be young, healthy, and free, living the dream in America. The TV tells of the war raging over our shores, I volunteer to step forth, I'm an adult. I am eighteen, I'm enlisting, I cannot wait for my issue M16. Seeking glory and fame like in my video games. This is my chance to be a hero. Can't wait to see my family, I go overseas, so they can be free. No questioning authority, I follow the chain so I can kill the enemy. A man was shooting at me so I killed him. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left. Blood spills from my side, didn't expect this surprise: a horrific demise; I'm wounded. I wish I could see my family, I went overseas to a foreign country. I cannot survive my injury. I sacrificed my life to instill democracy. Kill, Fight, Shoot, Fight, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Die.
Track Name: Acumen
Can you hear the voice of God? Embodied within every sound. Identify the frauds: Charlatans rampant all around. Desire faith in their facade, till you're six feet underground. Instructions terminally flawed. The lies they speak are so profound! The path is polluted with guile, for those who seek the truth. The myths have been compiled, the answers they dilute. Like the setting sun, truth shall rise again. Don't forget your gun to self righteously commit your sins. Can I ever be what I want to be? Shall I achieve human destiny? Will I ever see the day that I'm complete? Fill the cup that's empty. Wood from the splitting tree. Germ of the sprouting seed. Mien of the deity: secret twofold trinity... Can you see the mask of God on every face you meet? Learn to smell the frauds: those who desire you to eat. Ignorance of laws, no excuse, no way to cheat. Numbing your mind with drugs. Wake up, here's a caveat: The path is polluted with guile, for those who seek the truth. The myths have been compiled, the answers they dilute. Like a little child, just pout but not refute. Fighting's not worthwhile, when the arguments are moot. The facts have been defiled, to make you confused. Societies in denial, of the controlling abuse. Like the setting sun, the truth shall rise again. See the stream of light breaking on the horizon. Can I ever be what I want to be? Shall I achieve godly destiny? Will I ever see the day that I'm complete? Fill the cup that's empty. Cloak of mortality. Genes of the dying breed. Cross of divinity. Leaves on the blowing breeze. Waves on the roaring seas. Black Hole swallowing... Hidden in the spectrum of colors... Infinity between counting numbers... Light unseen, in the umbras... Microscopic lightning and thunder... Live our lives as Brahman slumbers... Motion and stillness balancing order... Omnipresent fabric constructing reality... This whole world, unfolds holographically! The path to enlightenment is seated in suffering. Pain is experience. Life is a pilgrimage. This is my blossoming! No matter how I try, sands of time slip by, hope to get it right, before I die, gotta set my sight, to see through the guise and hold my head high dignified. Wounded limb cauterized. Still I shall survive. I don't want to die. I want to live my life. I hope to get it right before it unwinds, chaos chastised, order to pacify, I shall apply, my knowledge to realize holy words bastardized. Learn to recognize. Open up your eyes. You gotta see through the lies. Do you see the lies?
Track Name: A Stranger's Revelation
All of the faces I see... All of them are you and me. All of the places I go... All of the people I know... All of the things that we do: All of them are me and you. All of the people we've hugged... All of the people we've loved... All of the chances we've missed, and desires we couldn't resist. All of the things that we built... And all of the cups that we spilt... All of the seeds that we've sewn, and all of the food that we've grown. All of the clothes that we've worn, and every promise we've sworn. All of the creatures we've killed, and those who've died to cheap thrills. All of the bombs that we dropped... And all of the people we've shot... All of the sorrow and pain... As above so below, it's the same... All of this world's energy... Recycles for eternity... All of the faces I see... All of them are incomplete.
Track Name: Revolution: The Dawn of a New Day
When the night arrives dreams start to flow. I never quite know where my mind will roam. When the time is right the omens will show. Open up my eyes there’s always room to grow. Release inner turmoil or feel my spirit spoil. I know that I’m eternal, no risk of the inferno. All of the lies they've spread helping to make me dead. I must break through and find my inner light and shine. All of the gifts I've received. Thank you I didn't say please. Now I can say I believe in truth that is higher than me. Thank you for tending my needs. I am the fire you feed. All of my trust blossoming. Soon a new day will begin. With love in my heart I can feel the change, forcing thoughts and emotions to rearrange. The power of revolution will set the stage. As loving revolution comes from within; it comes from within, it comes from within, comes from within. Time to shed the cast. Bones are healing fast. Although I have been crushed I’m thankful oh so much. This pain has made me strong, embedded within these songs. I have now matured, accepted my rebirth. And this is how I claim my blossoming. Watch me as I claim my blossoming. You cannot stop this blossoming. I got the solution, it’s called a revolution. Now a new day has began. Let's start a revolution.